10 Body Reactions That We Can Actually Control (Spoiler: Women Are Really Lucky)

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4. An ear massage will reduce discomfort in your throat.

Throat tingling and discomfort can sometimes come out of nowhere and it’s hard to ease it right away. A glass of water and coughing doesn’t always help.

To relieve such throat discomfort, carefully massage your ear (preferably on the inside). Unpleasant tingling often appears due to muscle spasms. When you massage your ear muscles, you stimulate the nerves and help throat muscles relax and remove the spasm.

You may have previously noticed that there’s a connection between these organs: any ear manipulations affect the throat and some people even cough when they clean their ears. This results from a special sensitivity of the vagus nerve connected to the auricular branch of the nerves.

5. Coughing alleviates the pain from a shot.

You can’t get rid of all of the unpleasant feelings from the shot completely, but you can ease them significantly with a simple trick.

If you start coughing as soon as you’re about to get the shot, it will ease the pain. A British journal on plastic surgery first published the information about this trick. Doctors claim that it’s due to the fact that the person’s attention shifts to something else, as well as the increase in arterial pressure.

As it turns out, this simple method is more effective than listening to music, watching a movie, conversation, or other methods of distracting a patient before giving a shot.

6. Massaging the area between the eyebrows relieves a stuffy nose.

Drops, diffusers and other types of medications perfectly deal with a stuffy nose. What to do when you don’t have any of thereof, the drugstore is closed, and your stuffy nose won’t let you breathe?

You can relieve your condition without any additional medications — just a massage. To get rid of a stuffy nose, push your fingers against the area between your eyebrows and press your tongue against the palate. 20 seconds would be enough to feel the effect. You can repeat this trick several times if necessary.

By holding your tongue in this position, you move a bone that connects the nasal passages to the mouth. Thus, you create a kind of drainage that relieves the stuffiness.

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