10 Things Clothes Shop Assistants Will Never Tell You About

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Clothing stores often use tricks to make us spend more.

We at Enimpost.com vote for honesty in everything, so we found out what manufacturers and retailers of clothes hide from us. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Sales benefit the stores, not the customers.

Sales are a means of making you buy things you didn’t even think of buying originally. Not many can resist temptation upon seeing a discount. But what are sales actually about?

  • Sometimes, stores artificially raise the prices just before the sale to announce it later and attract customers.
  • Ads and shop windows can claim sales of up to 70%, but you’ll only find such a discount on a single item. For everything else, prices are cut by no more than 10%.

2. Similar sizes may be too big or too small depending on the brand.

Different manufacturers have different size scales. Therefore, you’ll be able to fit into a small item in one store yet hardly be able to squeeze yourself into a medium in another. Some companies artificially “reduce” the size of their clothes for female customers to buy them more readily. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

3. Collaboration with a famous designer doesn’t guarantee quality.

Large brands sometimes create clothes made with well-known designers. Their aim is to make customers pay more for exclusive items. However, the only thing exclusive about them is their limited edition, and the quality of such clothes isn’t any better than the rest.

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