11 Best Waterfall Hikes In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is chock full of gorgeous waterfalls just waiting for you to explore. All over the state, there are beautiful trails that take you to these gorgeous formations. You won’t be able to resist planning to take these awesome hikes to take in some of the best natural beauty Wisconsin has.

1. Copper Falls

There are trails for all abilities in this park, but the Waterfall Trail is the one that will take you to this stellar view.

2. Upson Falls

I’m not sure this trail has an official name, but it’s on the left of the park, behind the pump building and will take you right to the waterfall.

3. Siskiwit Falls

These falls are hidden in a small town way up north and you’ll have to pay attention to find the trail to get you there, but the payoff is so, so worth it

4. Amnicon Falls

There are two miles of trails here that take you among some of the oldest rock in the state, to the gorgeous covered bridge and up to the waterfall for prime viewing.

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