11 Indispensable Life Hacks for Craft Time with Your Kids

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Kids are fond of drawing, sculpting and creating something extraordinary. And sometimes with these episodes of creativity, they make the house messy. To avoid thinking about the upcoming cleanup while spending time with your little one, Enimpost.com and WhatsUpMoms will give you a few useful ideas that can help children develop their artistic skills while parents keep the house in order. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Liquid paints can be stored in a hand soap dispenser. This way they won’t have time to dry up and kids will be able to dispense as much as they need. Moreover, it is easier to blend them.

Place large marbles in between two baking pans, and you will get a useful rotating organizer for pencils, markers, and paints. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

A cupcake pan can be an excellent aid to lay out beads, pencils, sequins and other small, loose items.

Old and dried markers can still be useful! soak them in jars with water and leave them for a bit. The result? Light watercolor paint that kids will love!

So your toddler will hold scissors properly and avoid twisting his or her hands in different directions, draw a smiley face on his or her thumb. The face will actually be smiling when he or she is using them the right way!

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