11 Things Hairstylists Rarely Share With Their Clients

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A good hairdo can significantly improve a woman’s self-esteem and make her whole day. However, an appointment with a hairstylist doesn’t always guarantee a good outcome. Mainly because every stylist has their own secrets and they aren’t always aimed at making your hair look beautiful and healthy. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Enimpost.com gathered 11 secrets hairstylists keep to themselves that you should know about before transforming your look.

1. Show your hairstylist not only examples of hairdos that you like but also the ones that you don’t like.

Before your next salon appointment, find and screenshot several hairstyles that you like and a couple absolutely unacceptable variants. It would be great if you could show them exactly what you want as a final result. It’s hard to implement something that looks “exactly like this but a bit shorter” (because everyone has their own understanding of “shorter”). It will help your hairstylist understand what exactly you want to see on your head. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. It’s impossible to get your dream color after just one coloration.

If you’ve been dyeing your hair with a dark color for many years in a row and now all you can think about is going platinum blond, prepare to spend quite a sum of money and many days to reach the desired result. High-quality hair lightening is an expensive and long process. If a hairstylist offers to transform you from a burning brunette to a bombshell blonde, don’t say yes that easily: you risk having a yellow-ish shade of hair or even no hair at all.

3. A hairstylist should know the history of your hair colorations.

Before having your hair dyed, a hairstylist should find out everything they can about your hair: how many times you’ve changed colors and what dyes you’ve used. This information is especially important if you decide to change your hair color completely. All these details are necessary for choosing the right approach to hair coloration.

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