11 Things Hairstylists Rarely Share With Their Clients

4. Find out what percentage of hydrogen peroxide (oxidant) a hairstylist uses.

If you decide to change your hair color and make it lighter, ask your stylist what percentage of oxidant they are going to use. If it’s 9% or higher, there is indeed a considerable risk that the protein in your hair will get pigmented which will turn your hair yellow, unable to become any lighter.

5. Curls hide stylists’ mistakes.

A stylist can use a simple trick to hide small mistakes made during coloring or cutting your hair — they curl it. To evaluate the stylist’s work, ask them to straighten your hair using a blowdryer. Smooth silky hair makes all the mistakes clearly visible.

6. Expensive professional hair products could be replaced with drugstore products or diluted with water.

Unfortunately, this is true. If a salon is trying to save money on everything, hair products won’t be an exception. Expensive shampoos and balms could be mixed with drugstore products or diluted with water. As a result, the pH level of the product changes and it becomes pretty useless or even harmful. For example, a shampoo for dyed or weak hair has pH 4.5–5.5 and a shampoo for natural or oily hair has pH 7–8.

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