11 Things Hairstylists Rarely Share With Their Clients

7. A perm is only good for healthy hair.

Many women with smooth, silky hair have thought about getting a perm at least once in their lives. However, it’s not recommended for certain hair types. Thin, weak or bleached hair could be damaged by the contents of the product used for a perm. Besides, it might not even work for certain hair types.

8. Remember your hair structure when choosing a haircut.

When you choose your next haircut, pay attention not only to your face shape but also to your hair structure. For example, soft puffy hair is reluctant to stay in shape. That’s why women with such hair types aren’t recommended to have geometric haircuts. Look at the haircuts celebs choose, especially those who have the same hair structure as you.

9. Not all hair types should be feathered.

Thin, puffy, or curly hair shouldn’t be cut with thinning scissors. Curly hair has a porous structure; feathering such hair would make it even puffier and the ends will become more fragile and split.

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