11 Unbeatable Ways To Do Ordinary Things 3 Times Faster

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There are lots of little things we have to do every day that collectively take up a lot of our time. Peeling potatoes, untangling earphone wires, even tying our shoelaces — all this amounts to precious seconds that we could be using on something far more interesting and worthwhile. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Enimpost.com aren’t prepared to just let all those seconds go to waste, and that’s why we put together this selection of ingenious tricks for doing all those day-to-day things 3 times faster.

1. How to shake ketchup out of the bottle easily

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There’s no need to tap on the bottom of the bottle. Just turn it at a 30° angle, and lightly tap the neck with your hand. The ketchup will come out easily without making a mess. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. How to tie your shoelaces in a single second

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Make a loop at both ends of the shoelace, at the same time passing them through each other to make a knot.

3. How to fold a T-shirt really quickly

Grab hold of the T-shirt at points 1 and 2. Without letting go of it at point 2, pull point 1 towards point 3, and then hold them together. Without letting go of 1 and 3, pull the left arm with point 2 towards yourself and smooth out the T-shirt. Tuck in the second edge of the shirt.

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