12 Modern Things That Actually Existed Long Before Us

It’s a little-known fact, but some “modern” inventions actually appeared centuries or even millennia ago. Claiming that all ancient people were primitive is a blatant injustice. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Enimpost.com has found 12 phenomena that emerged much earlier than we originally thought.

1. Prosthetics and plastic surgery, 3000 BC

The first attempts to correct appearance flaws date back to the earliest times, and they were not unsuccessful. One example is an Egyptian prosthetic toe that was not just aesthetic but also quite effective. Another example is from Ancient India: as far back as 800 BC, they could adjust nose shape, using the skin from the forehead or cheeks. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Sewage system, ca. 2600 BC

The earliest sewage facilities belonged to the Indus Valley civilization: in Mohenjo-daro, there were public toilets and a city sewer system. Sewage was also known in Ancient Babylon, some Chinese cities, and in Rome, where it was represented by a colossal engineering project called Cloaca Maxima(“Greatest Sewer”) that survives to this day.

3. Battery, ca. 2500 BC

The Baghdad Battery is a ceramic pot containing a copper tube with an iron rod inside. Replicas of this battery are indeed capable of creating some voltage. Perhaps the Ancient Babylonians knew the method of galvanization for which these containers were used, although skeptics argue that they only served to store scrolls.

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