12 Random Yet Useful Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide

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When you think of hydrogen peroxide, you probably think about pouring it over a stinging cut to ward off infection. However, like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide offers tons of unexpected uses that have nothing to do with treating cuts and scrapes. If you haven’t used your bottle of hydrogen peroxide in a while, we’re betting that will change after you take a read through these awesome tips! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

1. Fights Acne

If you have a stubborn pimple, dab a little bit of hydrogen peroxide onto it after going about your cleansing routine. Since hydrogen peroxide is such a powerful antiseptic, it will also help to clear up any bacteria brewing on the surface of your skin. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Stained Clothing And Linens

If you notice a stain on your clothing or linens, try applying a little hydrogen peroxide to the area. Let it sit for about an hour, then wash as you normally would. The stain should be gone when the item comes out of the wash.

3. Deodorizes Stinky Shoes

If your shoes are smelling less than pleasant, add some hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle and lightly spray the insides of your shoes. The hydrogen peroxide will eliminate the odors as it dries.

4. Cleans Countertops

If you really want to disinfect your kitchen counters and bathroom vanities, spray them with some hydrogen peroxide before wiping them down. This will kill germs on the spot!

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