12 Superb Design Ideas For Those Who Always Lose Things At Home

Do you often lose things because you can never remember where you put them? Do you find yourself running around in a panic each morning looking for your cell phone, purse, or keys? cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Well, we at Enimpost.com have got just the thing for you. Each one of the following ideas is specially designed to make sure you no longer waste valuable time looking for stuff you’ve mislaid.

1. A little home for your headphones

Always losing your headphones? Then sew a little fabric case for them, like these guys did. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Flowers made from pens

These ’flower pens’ look so beautiful that you’ll always be motivated to put them back in their correct place where you can find them again. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

3. Lip balm holders

If you find yourself buying a new lip balm every week, you might find this idea useful.

4. The most efficient way to store thread

A simple yet brilliantly effective idea — organize thread for your sewing kit using wooden clothes pegs

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