13 Uncovered Truths That Will Blow Your Mind

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A hoax is an attempt to intentionally mislead lots of people. Some do it for fame and money; others just want to have a good laugh. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Enimpost.com has gathered 13 of the most outrageous hoaxes where tens of thousands of people got hoodwinked.

13. The Cottingley Fairies

The Cottingley Fairies is a series of photographs taken in 1917 and 1921 by two girls aged 10 and 16. The pictures were meant to be proof of the existence of fairies and elves, and made quite a stir, but they were eventually exposed as one of the most brilliant hoaxes of the 20th century. One of the girls turned out to have been an assistant at her college’s photo laboratory.

Even Arthur Conan Doyle firmly believed in the authenticity of these pictures until his death. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

12. “Disappearing” blondes

In 2002, the BBC published an article stating that fewer people with blonde hair are born every year and will eventually die out in two hundred years.

The New York Times later published another article that pronounced the study results as false.However, the myth lived on, and it’s been repeated many times since.

In fact, recessive genes, like the fair hair gene, are transferred down the generational line without showing, only to appear all at once somewhere along it.

11. The Loch Ness monster

The idea that a monster is dwelling in Loch Ness is probably the most popular hoax in the world. In 1934, the Daily Mail published the first ever photograph of the mystical animal by a London surgeon, Dr. Wilson.

The photo shocked the whole world, but in 1994 it was determined to be a fake. Up until then, faith in Dr. Wilson’s honesty and the intriguing myth of the monster were unwavering.

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