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15 Shocking Signs He Doesn’t Love You But Your Assets

When you are with your guy, do you feel like he doesn’t really listen to anything you are saying? Would he rather watch TV or play video games instead of spending time with you, but the minute you two are out with his friends he has his hands all over you, parading you around like some kind of trophy? If this sounds like your day to day in your relationship, there is a chance that you man is less interested in being with you than he is about using your assets as a way to show you off to the world. Here are some signs he only loves your for your assets.

1. He Demands A Lot Of Space

Does Your boyfriend seem like he needs so much personal space that it’s almost as if he leads a completely separate life? If you feel like he is constantly needing his alone time to be his own person, he might not be emotionally invested in the relationship.

2. He Starts Comparing You To Other Girls

If he begins to compare your physical appearance to other women, it’s likely that he only cares about how your physically look and how you are perceived to other people in his life. He doesn’t care about what you want. He is more concerned about how he looks with you.

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