19 Simple Things That Most of Us Keep Doing Wrong

There are so many ways to make our everyday kitchen chores more manageable. And we bet that you haven’t even heard about half of them! Today, Enimpost.com offers you a selection of tips on how to say goodbye to many of your tricky chores! cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

19. Warming your Choco Pies

Yes, this is news to us as well! Warming this chocolate and marshmallow confectionery in a microwave makes it twice as big and three times as tasty!

18. Using a mixer like a pro

paper plate, put on the beaters of the mixer, can serve as a makeshift cover that’ll eliminate unwanted spray. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

17. Making chocolate chips

The easiest way to make chocolate chips is to use a potato peeler. A simple yet effective solution!

16. Preserving vegetables

Rinsing your salad leaves and storing them sandwiched between paper napkins will practically double their longevity.

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