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19 Unusual Ways of Using Essential Oils That Will Turn Out to Be Life-Enhancing

Many people associate essential oils mainly with aromatherapy. In fact, they have a rather broad range of possible applications.

EnimPost gathered for you a selection of ingenious ways of using essential oils at home. We’re sure that after reading this article to the end you’ll want to buy a couple of oils for yourself.

1. Peppermint essential oil can relieve pain

  • f you have a headache, add several drops of peppermint oil to your cream, and massage it into your temples.
  • If you suffer from menstrual cramps, add 2 drops into tea leaves. Brew it after a couple of minutes.
  • A toothache can be treated by mixing 2-3 drops of peppermint oil with vegetable oil. Apply the mix to the aching tooth using a cotton sponge.

2. Citrus essential oil promotes weight loss.

  • You can add several drops of citrus essential oil to an air purifier or a fragrance lamp to fill your home with a pleasant smell. Plus, the citrus aroma decreases appetite.
  • Mix some drops of citrus oil with vegetable oil (flaxseed oil or olive oil), and use as a salad dressing. It’ll help get the toxins out of your body.

3. Tea tree oil for clear skin

  • This is an effective acne treatment: mix castor oil with flaxseed oil (1:3), add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, and apply to your skin. For better results, steam your skin with a hot towel, and remove the remains of the oil and black spots from your face. The result will surprise and inspire you.
  • To treat toenail fungus, you can apply tea tree essential oil to the affected spot.
  • A cold sore on your lips can be treated by applying a thick layer of a cream mixed with 2-3 drops of tea tree oil.

4. Lavender essential oil for insect bites

  • Use a lavender oil like a perfume when you’re going camping, and the aroma will scare away the insects. Plus, lavender oil is safe for pregnant women and kids.
  • If there are moths in your closet, put cotton balls sprayed with lavender oil on the shelves.

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