21 Simple Habits That Can Help Protect Your Bank Account From Fraud

Nowadays, more and more people give preference to card payments which makes fraudulence with cards more common. The good news is that cardholders are already aware of many tips that can help them protect their money. Many people know by heart the rules of financial behavior — hide your PIN code, don’t tell your CVV to anyone, examine an ATM before using it, etc. However, fraudsters keep inventing more and more tricks and in such conditions, forcing us to learn even more ways of protecting our funds. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Enimpost.com found several unobvious rules about operating with bank cards and accounts that will help protect your funds even from the smartest fraudsters. Don’t miss our bonus tip at the end — it will tell you the best places at home to keep your valuables. Cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

When operating ATMs

  • The recommendation to cover the keyboard with your hand is still beneficial. However, for more security, touch 6-7 keys instead of 4 by pressing real ones and imitating the pressing of false keys. It will be more difficult for a fraudster to identify your PIN code even if they record all your actions on video.
  • Beware of any “helpers” near ATMs. A fraudster can specially create a situation where the ATM won’t eject your card and advise the cardholder to “solve the issue” by entering their PIN. Once the cardholder loses hope and goes to the bank searching for help, the fraudster will eject the card and empty it with the help of the PIN code they already knowCool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

  • Try to use ATMs located in bank offices only. They are under surveillance around the clock and that’s why it’s quite difficult to install any additional gadgets on them in order to steal information from cards.
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