5 Things You’d Better Avoid After a Meal

Many of us live with a constant lack of time, and it cannot but affect our daily routine. In order to get to work on time, we wash down our breakfast with tea and quickly jump in the shower, both seemingly harmless things. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Enimpost.com decided to figure out exactly what we shouldn’t do after a meal and why.

1. Take a shower

When we take a shower or a bath, the temperature of our body slightly increases. To cope with this, the body sends a little more blood to the skin than usual. This can disrupt the digestive process and slow metabolism.

The best time to start water procedures is 30 minutes after a meal. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Drink tea

For some of us, a cup of hot tea after eating is an integral part of a meal. But studies show that this harmless drink interferes with the assimilation of iron, a mineral which plays a significant role in the human body. Therefore, children, pregnant women, and people suffering from a lack of iron should avoid drinking tea within an hour of eating.

Adults would be better off with a cup of coffee which, on the contrary, should not be drunk on an empty stomach, or they should limit themselves to a glass of water.

3. Sleep

The myth that eating before going to sleep is a direct cause of excess weight was dispelled long ago. Nevertheless, we clearly shouldn’t ignore the rest of the harm it can cause. Sleeping on a full stomach causes inconveniences such as heartburn, burping, and high acidity. In addition, it has been proved that regular sleep immediately after lunch or dinner increases the risk of a stroke.

Experts agree that it’s better to go to bed no less than 2 hours after eating.

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