8 Effective Ways to Prevent Strokes, Get Rid of Headaches and Fatigue

If you suffer from symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, constant headaches, or depression, you probably have poor cerebral blood flow. There are certain reasons why your brain can’t get enough blood, from stress and high blood pressure to blood clots. Ignoring the early signs of poor blood circulation may even lead to hypoxia, a condition where your brain cells begin to die because they aren’t getting enough essential elements to work properly. alternative medicine, alternative medicine, alternative medicine

Enim Post made a list of the most effective methods to improve blood flow to the brain that you can easily try at home.

8. Stay active.

When you do high-intensity exercises, your muscles need more nutrients and the blood is redistributed among them. This results in a decrease in blood flow to your brain. Easy and moderate exercises, on the contrary, may help you increase brain circulation.

In general, all aerobic activities have positive effects on brain blood flow, so you can choose to do anything like swim, bicycle, dance, or perform yoga in the fresh air. All of these will be beneficial for your health.

If you don’t have enough time to practice any kind of sport, simply take short and brisk walks for about 30-50 minutes throughout the day. When your foot touches the ground, it sends pressure waves through your arteries which in turn, send more blood and oxygen to your brainalternative medicine, alternative medicine, alternative medicine

Also, don’t forget to get active whenever you have the chance: take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off the bus before your exit so that you’ll need to walk the remainder of the route, and choose other ways to get to your favorite grocery store.

7. Stretch your muscles.

Stretching not only improves overall circulation in your body by preventing stiffness in your joints and muscles, but it also helps your brain receive more oxygen and other essential elements in order to work properly. alternative medicine, alternative medicine, alternative medicine

The best stretches for increasing circulation to the brain are inversion poses — those that have your head below your heart. The simplest and most effective stretching exercises you can easily do at home are the downward-facing dog pose and the standing forward bend. But be careful when practicing them — if you feel pain or discomfort in your back, consult your doctor immediately.

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