9 “Dangerous” Symptoms We Don’t Need to Worry About

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There are people who take really good care of their health. Unfortunately, care doesn’t only mean the right foods and proper exercise, but a large part of it means not looking for symptoms of dangerous diseases. Hypochondria is quite a common problem in modern society. It is made even more popular by the internet, where we can quickly describe our problems and find a list of diseases that cause them. Thanks to the internet, people regularly (and often incorrectly) diagnose themselves with dangerous diseases. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We at Enimpost.com have compiled a list of popular symptoms that people often mistake for signs of terrible diseases. But in fact, most of the time, they don’t indicate any serious health problems. At the end of the article, there is a bonus about tingling in the hands.

1. Chest pain

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The heart is one of the most important organs of the human body. It is no wonder that chest pain scares a lot of people and makes them think that they have a dangerous condition.

But healthy people often have intercostal neuralgia which causes such an unpleasant feeling in the chest. Some people have chronic neuralgia but most people have such symptoms when they make a sudden movement or are extremely active physically. Most of the time, such symptoms disappear quickly without any treatment. Panic attacks and other types of anxiety also often cause chest pain. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

If you’ve never had any heart, blood pressure, or vascular problems, you are unlikely to have a heart attack. If the pain becomes more serious when you breathe in or bend down and it doesn’t affect the heart rate, then the issue isn’t with your heart. In most cases, you can just relax and calm down and you’ll feel better soon.

2. Pain in the calves

Such unpleasant symptoms often occur in people who have varicosity. However, this is not a really usual symptom and definitely not the only one: veins become more prominent and there are other skin changes.

Healthy people also often feel pain and discomfort in their legs and some notice swelling. But before you get worried, you should pay attention to other, less dangerous, factors that could cause such a condition. For example, excessive physical activity, work that requires standing for long periods of time, uncomfortable clothing, shoes, or positions.

If you experience such symptoms rarely after a difficult day, it’s unlikely that they are caused by a serious illness. If the pain doesn’t disappear the next day and keeps bothering you for several weeks or even months, only then you should visit a doctor.

3. Sudden dizziness

All people, including healthy ones, have experienced dizziness. But some people are scared of this symptom. Because a loss of concentration and balance can be symptoms of a stroke.

But just like with chest pain and pain in the legs, dizziness is not a symptom you can base any conclusions on. It may be caused by stress — it provokes a flush of hormones which leads to weakness and dizziness.

You might feel dizzy because of hot weather or a weak inner ear, especially when it happens on transportation. This state can be caused by a sudden turn of the head or if your collar is too tight. If you irritate your carotid sinus too much (a place on the neck where the artery is wide) the pressure will drop and you will begin to feel dizzy.

In other words, if you experience dizziness only once, there may be a lot of different reasons. If you don’t have any other strange or weird symptoms, you should not be worried.

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