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9 Things That Will Kill A Guy’s Interest, No Matter How Hot You Are

It often feels like guys only go for supermodels with amazing bodies and ridiculously beautiful faces. We tend to assume only super hot chicks have all the luck with guys, no matter what their personalities are actually like. Although these girls may get the first looks and initial interest, there are things women sometimes do that will kill his interest no matter what she looks like. If you avoid doing these 9 things, you’ll have a way better chance at keeping him hooked than her!


There’s a difference between being a strong, independent, no-sh*t kind of woman and being a straight up bitch. If you’re excessively mean, nasty, insulting, rude or any combination of those, it won’t matter if you’re Halle Berry herself — eventually he’s probably going to give up on you.


Being desperate isn’t cute and it makes you appear insecure. Texting him 85 times because he didn’t answer you the first time is a great way to chase him away. Relax and let things develop. Everything doesn’t have to be a race and you want him to know you’re interested enough to see where it goes.

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