9 Ways to Stay Safe If an Earthquake Comes to Your Town

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Many cities, industrial centers, and populated areas of our planet are located in areas that are prone to severe earthquakes. Residents of cities and other settlements located in seismic zones should be trained from their early school days in the basics of behavior and actions before, during, and after an earthquake. To date, this is the only way to save the lives of many people during an earthquake. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

Enimpost.com prepared recommendations for how to prevent damage and behave in case of an earthquake.

Make your house your fortress.

If you live in a seismologically hazardous area, it is better to be prepared for earthquakes. Check your area on the site http://temblor.net/. Here you can see if there are any landslides near you. Be aware of the danger. Follow the next instructions, and make your house your fortress:

  • Move beds away from windows. This can save your life if an earthquake occurs at night.
  • Strengthen shelves so that heavy objects do not harm you during heavy “jerks.”
  • Buy extra fire extinguishers, batteries, flashlights, and provisions. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff
  • Always store the necessary medicines in your medicine cabinet.
  • Hire a design engineer to test the foundations so they don’t slip during an earthquake.
  • Insure your home against an earthquake. This will help you to quickly restore your house after a disaster.

1. If you’re in a building:

If you feel the vibrations of the building, observe falling objects, or hear the growing rumble and ringing of breaking glass, don’t panic. Try to reassure others. Don’t leave the building during an earthquake.

  • It is best to find a table, and then Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Learn it by heart.
  • If you are in bed, protect your body with a pillow and a blanket. Lie face down.

2. If you’re outside:

Be ready to help people. During shocks, don’t enter buildings, and don’t run around them.

  • Move away from power lines, tall buildings, and roads for vehicles.
  • Try to find shelter, and hide.
  • And, again, Drop, Cover, and Hold On!
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