10 Astonishing Feats Of Modern Technology

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Technology has developed so fast in recent years that we can’t imagine our lives without it. Now, thanks to some innovative and creative minds, the tech industry has the potential to change the course of our future. Whether it’ll revolutionize how we do things or how we treat certain diseases, technology is set to change the world as we know it.

Researchers have recently made some groundbreaking advancements, from a tiny microchip designed for better biometric security to a machine that can make gallons of fresh water straight out of the air. These innovations are impressive and offer us a glimpse at how we can improve our lives and create a more sustainable Earth.

Here are ten of the most astonishing feats of modern technology in recent times.

10. Multipurpose Implants

The people of Sweden have been lining up to get rice grain-sized microchips implanted into their hands. Biohax International is the company behind the chips and is one of the most prominent providers of the technology in Sweden. These microchips improve their users’ daily lives when it comes to accessing their homes, offices, and gyms, all with the simple swipe of a hand. The microchips are also designed to contain emergency contact details, social media profile information, and even e-tickets for events and train trips.

The microchips are inserted right above a user’s thumb using a syringe much like that which is used for vaccinations. The procedure is said to cost about $180, and over 4,000 Swedes have already adopted the technology. Even Sweden’s largest train company has jumped aboard the new chipping trend by allowing its commuters to use their chips instead of tickets, and there’s even talk that this technology could soon be used to make payments in stores and restaurants.[1]

9. 3-D Metal Printing

3-D printing is a relatively new method of manufacturing which uses various kinds of plastic to make things. Now, companies like HP and GE have taken the first steps toward a making a new kind of additive manufacturing go mainstream by introducing 3-D metal printing products. HP’s 3-D Printing Business has recently introduced the HP Metal Jet, which is specifically made for the high-volume manufacturing of production-grade metal parts, quickly and at reduced cost. Manufacturers such as Parmatech have already deployed the HP Metal Jet for factory production. Some major customersplacing orders include Volkswagen and Wilo as well as vertical-market manufacturers like Primo Medical Group and OKAY Industries.

GE Additive has also announced their own large metal printer called the Arcam EBM Spectra H, which is a high-heat 3-D printer meant to print with metals that are prone to cracking. Working at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Celsius (1,832 °F), it can print with metals such as titanium aluminide and Alloy 718. It will also be able to support the printing of nickel super alloys starting in 2019. These two printers are set to define a new generation of additive manufacturing and offer a glimpse of the possibilities that lie ahead in the future.[2]

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