10 Pieces Of Technology That Won’t Exist In 20 Years

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Technology is always changing without us even realizing it half the time. In fact, it evolves at such a rapid pace that by the time you buy the newest phone or laptop, it’s already old.

However, things like that are expected to change. But 20 years from now, some technologies—the ones that you might not expect—most likely won’t even exist anymore.

10. Rearview Mirrors

With how fast technology is evolving, it is extremely likely that companies will switch completely to cameras instead of using old-school mirrors. Adding to that, cameras will have to be standard with driverless vehicles, which are also rising in popularity. Cameras are also becoming much cheaper, which will encourage companies to switch side mirrors for cameras as well.[1]

9. Phone Towers

While uses for technology are evolving, the physical technology is shrinking. As a result, more work can be done in a smaller space. This could be applied to phone towers as they get smaller and smaller. One day, they won’t be there at all. Some smartphones can skip the phone tower stage completely and communicate with each other when no more than 500 meters (1,640 ft) apart.

Qualcomm first realized this and has been researching how to expand their discovery.[2] They have partnered with Facebook and Yahoo to try to create applications. As this technology evolves, the need for cell phone towers just won’t be there at all. Which might be for the best considering that cell phone towers aren’t exactly pretty.

8. Remote Controls

Those frantic searches for remote controls hidden in couch cushions are almost completely a thing of the past. Billions of devices are already connected to Wi-Fi, meaning that technology can be controlled through a computer, tablet, smartphone, and smartwatch.

Things like Google Home and Amazon Alexa can already control the lights or devices in your home with just your voice.[3] Imagine how much that technology is going to evolve in 20 years. Even remotes to control the climate in your house will be completely unnecessary. You can just tell your home assistant if you want it to be warmer or colder.

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