10 Things Clothes Shop Assistants Will Never Tell You About

7. Designer clothes are of worse quality in outlets than the same items in boutiques.

Striving to save money, many people go to outlets for designer items. However, clothes and accessories there only look like they’re from designer collections. Lux brands often make items from cheap materials specifically for outlets to receive income from those who can’t afford their clothes in expensive boutiques.

8. Poor quality goods.

Our parents have left us things that we can still wear. Today’s clothes, however, are often of poor quality: all bad stitches, poorly printed images, cheap plastic fittings, and so on. This is exactly the aim of the manufacturers: to make things quick and cheap so that we buy them more often.

9. Fashion trends change every week.

The times when there were only two seasons, spring/summer and fall/winter, are gone with the wind. Modern clothes manufacturers have taken up on microtrends. New fashionable items appear in stores almost every week, so you want more and spend more.

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