10 Facts About Medicine That Can Open Your Eyes

4. There is an existing concept of “impossible color”

Impossible or forbidden colors are combinations of frequencies of visible light that can’t be perceived by the human eye under normal conditions. The thing is that there are 3 types of color receptors that are used when perceiving a color and due to their specifics, a human brain is not able to perceive the combinations of opponent colors: red and green, blue and yellow.

However, under some special conditions, a human can see the impossible color and we have a picture for you that proves it. Try looking at the cross in the middle of the green circle for 20 seconds and then shift your eyes to the same cross in the white square. You’ll see a light pink circle in it.

5. The most wide-spread color of human eyes is brown but, in fact, all people have blue eyes.

Only 17% of people on Earth have blue eyes, while brown is the most popular eye color. At the same time, the eyes of most babies have a bluish tinge apart from babies with dark skin. The front layer of the iris of a newborn baby doesn’t have pigment, and the color isn’t considered permanent until the age of 11.

To put it simply, all people are initially blue-eyed and even brown eyes are actually blue — the color is simply hidden behind the layer of the brown pigment. By the way, there is a surgery that can transform brown eyes into blue eyes and the result is irreversible because the brown pigment is removed with a laser and can’t be restored.

6. There is a protein called Pikachurin in the retina and it was named after Pikachu the Pokémon.

In 2008, Japanese scientists found out that there is a protein in the retina of the eye that is responsible for transmitting visual signals from the eyes to the brain. It turns out, that without this ’fast as lightning’ protein, the process of transmitting would take 3 times longer. That’s why it was decided to name it after Pikachu — the most popular Pokémon who possesses “electrical” abilities.

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