10 Things Clothes Shop Assistants Will Never Tell You About

4. The sales section looks so disorderly on purpose.

Have you ever noticed how all the clothes in a store are neatly folded or racked, while the sales section is in total chaos with things piled in heaps? This is done on purpose to make a customer feel happy that he or she found a nice bargain in that mess and run to buy it immediately.

5. Harmful chemicals are used in clothes manufacturing.

Even if an item is labeled “100% natural,” it may still be dangerous for your health. Clothes manufacturing involves chemicals that can’t be identified without proper lab testing. Some harmful substances help carry out a designer’s wish regarding the color or texture of the item, while others protect the clothes from insects and mold. Always wash new clothes before wearing them. It will reduce the amount of dangerous chemicals and keep you safe in case an infection has lingered from some previous customer who tried it on.

6. Synthetic items cost the same as those made with natural fabrics.

Manufacturers often overprice synthetic clothes to give customers an incentive to buy more expensive items made from natural fabrics. The customer thinks that a cotton or woolen blouse isn’t that expensive compared to a synthetic one and buys it without a second thought.

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