What Your Eating Habits Say About Your Personality

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4. The one who organizes all the food on their plate

The people who fall into this category hate to see the different foods on their plates touch each other. Their need to keep everything tidied up and organized makes them very good at their work, being in full control of their tasks. Their home will probably be spotless, since they hate messy situations. It is possible for them to get extremely nervous when things don’t go as planned and they’ll need to start making compromises for the sake of their health.

5. The one who mixes all the food on their plate

A mixer usually combines all the food on their plate and takes a bite that includes a little bit of everything. These people are usually outgoing and friendly and they like taking on multiple responsibilities at their workplace. They love their job, but they know how to make time for their loved ones, and they usually create healthy relationships. However, sometimes their over-eagerness to multitask can exhaust them and make them lose track of deadlines, and their minds, over the extra amount of work.

6. The adventurous one

If every time you go at a restaurant you try to find the weirdest, most unique dish, then you fall into this category. People who do this usually like to take risks and are not afraid they will fail. They will even say “yes” to the craziest idea, wanting to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Nobody ever perceives them as boring and many admire them for their bravery and risk-taking decisions. However, they should be careful to not pressure others to be as adventurous as they are, since not everyone is fit for taking risks.

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